Rental Period:
Rentals will begin and end at agreed upon time. Rental period will not be adjusted to accommodate lateness. Should User continue to occupy Facility after agreed upon rental period has ended, an additional charge of $30 per hour for practice spaces, $50 per hour for general use, and $75 per hour of performance time will be added to rental fee. These additional fees will be billed at 15-minute increments.

Occupancy of no more than 35 persons shall be allowed in The Annex at one time for a performance or meeting. No more than 10 persons shall be allowed in the Annex space for a rehearsal. No more than 2 persons shall be allowed in practice rooms. Acme reserves the right to limit the number of persons entering the building for safety reasons. Acme and its staff shall have the right to enter any of its spaces at any time during its use by User.

At request of User, Acme staff will set up The Annex space to one of the following configurations: rehearsal with/without backline, meeting space with chairs and/or tables, performance space with chairs and stage area, plus backline if needed.

Facility must be left in the condition it was found in. User assumes responsibility for returning Facility to a good state before they leave. All lights and electrical equipment must be turned off. Litter must be placed in trash receptacles. Renters may not leave behind equipment, costumes, props or personal belongings anywhere in the studio, hallway, bathroom, or office after vacating space.

No physical alterations to Facility shall be allowed, including staples, tacks, tape or nails paints. Any decorations must be pre-approved by Acme in advance of rental. Damage to Facility or equipment shall be paid for in full by User. User is responsible for damages to the building, furniture or equipment caused by the User or anyone associated with User’s use of Acme.

Acme is located in a residential area. Therefore, sound must be kept to a reasonable decibel level. Complaints by neighbors may result in volume reduction or termination of rental, and fines may be charged to User. ­No external sound/audio engineer allowed unless otherwise agreed upon by Acme.

No smoking anywhere inside Facility, the building, or in vestibule. No incense or open flames of any kind. No cooking. Candles are not permitted.

Food and beverages are not permitted inside Facility. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited by law.

Personal Property:
Acme is not responsible for personal property that is either lost or damaged on our premises.

Piano Tuning:
Our piano is tuned on a regular basis. If User requires a fresh tuning for performance, a fee of $165 will apply, to be paid along with rental fee. User must give 2 weeks notice if this service is required. Any extra backline or technical requirements are to be paid by User.


Renter agrees to release Acme of any liability whatsoever arising out of the use of Acme’s Facility, including studio rooms, Annex space, equipment, and services. User hereby indemnifies, defends and holds Acme Hall Studios, LLC, its owners, officers, representatives, and staff harmless from any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses by any party, including guests of user, arising out of any such use. Acme reserves the right to inspect and control all usage of Facility.

User affirms ownership of liability insurance coverage or that such coverage will be obtained for the duration of use at Acme. A Certificate of Insurance listing Acme Hall Studios, LLC as an “Additional Insured” must be obtained if and User agrees to provide the evidence of such insurance, upon request of Acme. Proof of liability insurance is required throughout the duration of use of the Facility.


Payments must be made in full prior to usage of Facility and are considered binding and, therefore, non-refundable. Reservations cannot be confirmed until payment is received by Acme. For long term rentals of one day or more, a deposit of 50% is required to confirm the rental period. Balance is due one week prior to usage.

Payment in full is required to confirm reservation for rental of Facility. Therefore, there are no refunds for cancellations on the part of User. At the sole discretion of Acme Hall Studios, on a case by case basis only, a rental credit may be offered. Should Acme need to close for inclement weather or emergency of any kind, rental fee will be returned in full to User.