Acme Hall Studios is a professional mixing, production, and recording facility. The recording studio was designed by Rich Bennett (Acme's Recording & Mixing Engineer) and Joe Salvatto (Founder of Salvatto Sound) with the intention of providing a high-end work environment to projects of all needs. Acme’s aesthetic — from learning to recording — focuses on quality. We do not adhere to a particular genre or dogmatic approach. All sounds are welcome and encouraged.

Acme’s location makes it the perfect place to work on anything from quick turnaround overdubs to long-term production and mixing projects. Since Acme also serves as a teaching space, we have on faculty some of the best working musicians in the city. Interested recording clients can have access to expert musicians already familiar with the space and the workflow.

The recording studio is bookable for recording sessions when lessons are not in session: Monday - Thursday (mornings and late nights only), Friday - Sunday (all day), school breaks, and much of the summer.

View our client list and our equipment list.

For more information on recording at Acme, please contact:
Rich Bennett, Studio Director & Engineer