— FAQ —

frequently asked questions

Is there a performance opportunity for students?

Yes. At the end of the semester we put on a day of student performances at Shapeshifter Lab, a beautiful jazz venue in Gowanus/Park Slope.

Why a 16 week commitment? 
A student needs regular lessons (and regular practice between lessons) to improve at an instrument. Dedication is the key to progress. We are able to attract such a high level of faculty talent because we guarantee teachers a full semester of reliable work, where they can devote their time to developing relationships with specific students. Both students and faculty benefit from the consistency and it’s a rewarding semester for everyone.

What if I decide I want lessons after the start of the semester?
Students may begin lessons at any point in the semester if space is available. The fee is pro-rated to reflect the number of lessons remaining. 

What is your cancellation and make up policy?
Please refer to our Cancellation & Make Up Policy.

Do I need to buy an instrument?
Having daily access to your instrument is central to regular practice. Drummers may work at home with pads if volume is an issue. Rentals are a possibility and we are happy to connect you with a good music store that rents instruments.

Interested in lessons?
Please fill out our lesson request form or email rebecca@acmehallstudios.com