Cancellation & Make Up Policies


Should a student need to cancel a particular lesson during the semester, cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Lessons may be cancelled only by contacting the individual instructor directly, via e-mail, and cc’ing There are no refunds for lessons or classes missed due to student absence.

Make Ups

A student who has cancelled a lesson with a least 24 hours notice may elect to schedule one make up lesson in their usual lesson time slot during Acme’s Make Up Week. The Make Up Week occurs after all 16 weeks of the semester have concluded and provides an opportunity for students to reschedule one lesson that was missed during the semester. Only one make up per student is offered during the Make Up Week. Due to space constraints and scheduling considerations, instructors are not required to make up lessons at any other time during the semester. A lesson cancelled less than 24 hours in advance cannot be made up. Make up days for each day of the week are listed on our calendar page.

Because of the very short length of summer session, there are no make ups available in summer.

No make ups are offered for ensembles and classes.

Every effort is made to have instructors present at all scheduled lessons throughout the semester. However, if an instructor must miss a lesson for any reason, either another member of Acme’s faculty will substitute teach the lesson or it will be made up as soon as possible by the instructor.