Recording & Audio

patwolffAcme Hall Studios is a professional mixing, production, and recording facility. The recording studio was designed by house engineer Rich Bennett and Joe Salvatto of Salvatto Sound with the intention of providing a high-end work environment to projects of all needs. Acme’s aesthetic — from learning to recording — focuses on quality. We do not adhere to a particular genre or dogmatic approach. All sounds are welcome and encouraged.

Acme’s location makes it the perfect place to work on anything from quick turnaround overdubs to long-term production and mixing projects. Since Acme also serves as a teaching space, we have on faculty some of the best working musicians in the city. Interested recording clients can have access to expert musicians already familiar with the space and the workflow.

Yamaha GH2Here is a complete list of our equipment:

NS 10 – M (powered by Perreaux PMF-2150b)
Dynaudio BM 5a MKII
Furman HDS-6 Headphone Distribution Amp

Outboard Gear:
Milennia HV 3C Preamp
Vintech 273 2-Channel Mic Pre, with DI & EQ (x2 – 4 channels total)
Universal Audio 2-610 2-Channel Mic Pre, with DI & EQ
Focusrite ISA 428 4-Channel Mic Preamp
Summit TLA-100A Tube Compressor (x2)
Korg SDD 1200 Dual Delay (2 channels)
Maestro EP-3 Echoplex
Allison Labs LP/HP filterrack units

Neumann U 87
4 CMC4U Schoeps (2 MK4 capsules, 2 MK 41 capsules)
Soundelux U195 FET (now Bock Microphones)
Josephson C42 (x2)
Beyerdynamic M260 (Stephen Sank RCA re-ribbon)
AT 4033  (x2)
AT 4050
Rode NT 1000 (x2)
Rode nt5 (x2)
Electrovoice RE20
Sennheiser 421 (x2)
Shure SM-7
Superscope EC1
Kool Shotgun Mic
Beyerdynamic M69
Beta 52
57’s, 58’s, Audix i5’s

Yamaha GH2 5′ 7″ Baby Grand Piano
Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue (upon request)
Fender Jazz Bass (MIM, active pickups)
Pearl Masters drum kit

1980 Fender Princeton
Matchless Lightning (w/ reverb)
Ampeg B100R combo bass amp

Pro Tools HD Avid 16×16

Rates and Booking:
Rich Bennett: 929-265-ACME

Rich Bennett (house engineer)
Rob Fullum (studio engineer, Abelton, electronic music)

Client list includes:
Erik Friedlander
Scott Solter (Boxharp)
Stefan Zeniuk (NY Fowl, Gato Loco)
Okkervil River
Oscar Rodriguez (A Great Big World, Nakatomi Plaza)
Morgane Lhote (Hologram Teen, Stereolab)
Brooklyn Community Chorus
Harbor Health
Jan Bell & The Maybelles
Liam Singer
Rodney Cromwell
Greta Gertler
Dead Leaf Echo
Deidre Rodman Struck & Byron Isaacs
Joelle Lurie & The Pinehurst Trio
Rebecca Pronsky
Bright Brown w/ members of Brooklyn Youth Chorus
Tina Lama & Red Birds Jazz Trio
Beverly Stokes
Patrick Wolff