Acme turns 3!

4b89c0bd-5128-43a1-aa0d-8214ff577d89Hello friends,
Today is 3 years since Acme opened for lessons and recording on 9th Street! We’re so proud of all the students who have learned and grown with us and of the great albums and musical projects we’ve been a part of. Our student concert this past weekend was a great success and our spring semester begins Tuesday! We have an amazing charity concert coming up and many more surprises for you to be revealed over the next few months.
Thank you for being part of our musical community!
Rebecca & Rich

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Saturday’s Winter Concert at ShapeShifter Lab featured over 60 of Acme’s students performing songs they worked on on during fall semester. Watch a short sampler video of some of the performances:


Our 16-week semester begins this coming Tuesday! Fill out our lesson request form if you’re interested in learning an instrument.

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A semester of lessons with our faculty of creative artists, composers, and performers is a unique opportunity. We offer private instruction in drumsvoicebassguitarukulele and piano.

Read more about lessons at Acme. Find our spring lesson calendar here.


Tickets are now on sale to the next Acme Presents at Greenwood Church concert. “Fired Up: Songs of Action & Impact” will feature original songs about following convictions and affecting change performed by some of Brooklyn’s best musicians and songwriters. Join us Friday, March 2. All proceeds go to Emerge NY, which helps women acquire the necessary skills and training to run for office.

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Acme’s week-long intensive summer band a recording program is back for 2018, July 9 – 13.

Section I: rising 7th & 8th graders
Section II: rising 9th and 10th graders

This program is for advanced students and provides a supportive learning environment with lots of personal attention. Students will:

– play together as a band
– write original songs
– get exposure to varied musical styles
– learn about audio engineering
– record a final song in our recording studio

Daily special guest speakers introduce students to new musical ideas and instruments! Past topics include Latin rhythm, punk rock, Indonesian Gamelan, touch-sensitive electronic instruments, lyric writing, and Abelton.

Program ends with a final performance/listening party on Friday afternoon.

Students must be proficient on an instrument with at least two years of study. Maximum 5 students per section. $685

Email for more information and to register.

Spring Semester begins Feb 6! plus concerts & summer

Hello friends,
The days are getting longer, but probably not warmer just yet. Still we’ve got spring on the brain — Acme’s Spring Semester begins in just three weeks! If you’d like to learn with us, please get in touch.
We hope to see you in our studios,
Rebecca & Rich

Spring Semester Lessons

Our 16-week semester begins February 6. Fill out our lesson request form if you’re interested in learning an instrument. Learning from our talented faculty of creative artists, composers and performers is a unique opportunity. We offer private lessons in drums, bass, guitar, voice, piano, ukulele, and cello.

989ae70c-e1b3-4057-98e4-6234821b3067Read more about lessons at Acme. Find our spring lesson calendar here.

Band & Recording Intensive (ages 12 – 15)

Just announced! Our one-week intensive summer program is back July 9 – 13, 2018. For advanced students, this is a unique experience to write original music, play in a band and make a professional recording in our recording studio. Space is limited to 5 students per section (10 total). For more information contact

summer program

Student Concert: Jan 28

Join us for our end-of-semester student concert at ShapeShifter Lab, going on 10am – 4pm on Sunday, January 28. Over 60 of our students will be performing on piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, cello, voice, drums and more.


Fired Up! Songs of Action & Impact

The next installment in our series Acme Hall Studios Presents at Greenwood Church will be Friday, March 2. The concert is called “Fired Up: Songs of Action & Impact” and will feature original songs about following convictions and affecting change performed by some of Brooklyn’s best musicians and songwriters. More info coming soon.

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Winter news, faculty gigs, recording projects, and spring semester

Hello friends,

As the temperature drops, we hope you’re getting cozy with your favorite records or playing that guitar in the corner of your living room. This fall, Acme has been buzzing with energy from a number of excellent recording projects in the recording studio and the sounds of our nearly 90 students in lessons. As the semester winds down, we are preparing for our student concert coming up after winter break. It’s always a joy to see our students perform and hear how much they’ve grown and improved musically over the semester. Spring semester begins Feb 6. If you’d like to learn with us, please get in touch.

Warm wishes for the holidays,
Rebecca & Rich


This fall we’ve had a lot of great projects coming through our studio for recording, production and mixing:

Brittany Anjou recorded some lovely vibraphone parts for the new Okkervill River album!

Mainstay NYC musicians Deidre Rodman Struck (The Lascivious Biddies) & Byron Isaacs (The Lumineers) are in the midst of recording an EP of delicate original pop/jazz songs.

Hologram Teen, the new electronica project of Morgane Lhote (formerly of Stereolab), released “Between the Funk & The Fear” on London’s Polytechnic Youth label in October. The album was produced by Acme’s Rich Bennett and is available on vinyl.

London based electronic-pop artist Rodney Cromwell is currently working on new material which will be produced by Acme’s Rich Bennett.

My Demon Sister, a new project of Robert Conroy (Misty Roses), has been at Acme recording a new album.


Current students: Please let us know if you will be returning by January 12.
8 year old Catalina in her drum lesson with instructor Heather Wagner
Fill out our lesson request form or reply to this email if you’d like to learn with us. We offer private lessons in drums, bass, guitar, piano, voice, ukulele and cello. Our 16-week spring semester begins Feb 6. Read more about our faculty.


Sophie Lubinsky
For this spotlight, we spoke with Sophie Lubinsky, whose warm smile and enthusiasm for music are contagious. Sophie began guitar lessons with Rich last year and added voice with Shelly this fall.
Sophie in her guitar lesson with Rich
Name: Sophie Lubinsky

Age:  8 3/4

Q: What instruments do you play and how long have you been studying each one?
A: Voice and guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for 2 years and I’ve been doing voice for 4 months.

Q: What is something new or interesting that you learned this semester?
A: In guitar I learned strumming. In voice I learned vocal exercises.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Acme?
A: You get to choose what songs you want to learn.

Q: If you could play with any musician in the world (at any time in history), who would it be?
A: I think it would be Stevie Wonder!

Q: What are you doing over winter break?
A: I’m going to London for Christmas! And to see my family.


Join us for our end-of-semester student concert on Sunday, January at ShapeShifter Lab. Students will be performing songs they’ve been working on this semester on guitar, bass, cello, voice, piano, drums and ukulele.


Shelly Girolami will be singing in a concert of The Messiah this Saturday at Central Presbyterian Church at 7pm

Juliet Strong and her cousin Diana Strong (aka The Patty Dukes) released “Four Quatrains”, an EP of original songs set to poems written by their great uncle Ed Strong.

Marcio Garcia and his quartet will be performing Sunday at Loosie Rouge in Williamsburg.

Rebecca Pronsky released “Witness: Hillary’s Song Cycle”, a concept album about Hillary Clinton, in November. The project was created by an all female team of musicians. Rebecca will be doing a live performance of “Witness” along with other political cabaret tunes on Saturday, January 20 at The Duplex in the West Village. Buy tickets. More info at

Joelle Lurie has been super busy gigging around town and is doing 9 shows atTavern on the Green before the end of the year. Here is the performance schedule:


Donate to the scholarship program
Acme is partnered with Brooklyn Collaborative School: BCS 448, a 6 – 12 public school in Carroll Gardens/Red Hook, to enrich the musical lives of underserved students.

Acme offers full semesters of tuition-free lessons to BCS students in bass, guitar, drums, voice, or piano. Because natural talent flourishes and develops quickly in a one-on-one context, a semester of private lessons can be an invaluable opportunity.

In 2018, Acme will launch an in-school guest artist program at BCS. Professional musicians from our faculty and community will be sent to BCS to do live performances, demos, and Q&As with the students in music class. BCS students will be exposed to new musical concepts and styles, as well as get the chance to play with guest musicians.

Your contributions are tax-deductible.

Fall concerts, news, lessons, workshops

Lots of opportunities to learn, listen, and support music this fall:


Fill out our lesson request form  if you’d like to get more music into your life this fall. We offer private lessons in drums, bass, guitar, piano, voice, ukulele and cello. Our 16-week semester begins September 14. Study with our talented faculty!


Scholarship Program

This fall, we welcome 3 scholarship students from BCS 448: Brooklyn Collaborative School to study drums, bass and piano with us. Funding for these students was provided by generous donations to our scholarship program by members of our community. Each student will receive 16-weeks of private instruction at no cost with a member of our faculty and an opportunity to perform live in our winter concert. Please consider adding a donation to our Scholarship Fund, so we can continue to provide tuition-free lessons to underserved students.

Next “Acme Presents” Concert:

We are pleased to be presenting the next concert in our charity concert series on October 20. Many thanks to Greenwood Church for their continued support of these events. Buy tickets. Please join us:

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Kids’ Protest Album

A protest album by people to young to vote! “Locker Room Rock” was recorded at Acme Hall Studios and is out now. More info at

Watch a promo video for the album. It features many of the kids whose songs appear on the record and was filmed at Acme:

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Summer in the studio

In July, Acme’s Summer Band Intensive program gave students ages 13 and 14 the opportunity to play together, write, rehearse and record original songs in our recording studio. We also had interesting musical guests in each day to introduce students to new topics and genres.
gamelan with toristefansummer students

Kids’ protest album out today! Happy 4th!

Over the winter, something very special happened at Acme. Following the election, we spent December and January recording original protest songs by kids under 18. Turns out they had a lot to say. In the spirit of patriotism, on today, July 4th, we officially release:

LOCKER ROOM ROCK: a protest album by people too young to vote

LockerBigFullSqaureMusic teacher Jesse Krakow has spent over a decade working with young musicians. In 2016, many of his students were inspired to write songs about the election, the state of the USA, and the newly elected President. As the inauguration grew closer, Jesse felt compelled to make sure the voices of protest from Americans under 18 be heard. He teamed up with longtime friend, recording and mixing engineer Rich Bennett of Acme Hall Studios to create a compilation album.

The result is “Locker Room Rock”, a protest album by people too young to vote. (The name is a dig at Trump’s famous excuse for his misogynist conversation with Billy Bush — that it was “locker room talk.”)

In the album’s 10 songs, it’s clear that not only do these kids really dislike the President, but they also have a nuanced and surprisingly profound understanding about what his presidency means. They have a lot of thoughts to share on the current political climate, greed, and the way their generation is viewed by the rest of us. They are smart, they are informed, and they get it.

“Locker Room Rock” is officially released TODAY, July 4. All proceeds from sales of the album will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Watch the music video for the SINGLE “Presidential Blues”:
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View the official PROMO VIDEO for “Locker Room Rock”:
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BUY “Locker Room Rock”:

STREAM “Locker Room Rock”:

Media inquires:
Rebecca Pronsky, Project Manager

More info: