Kids’ protest album out today! Happy 4th!

Over the winter, something very special happened at Acme. Following the election, we spent December and January recording original protest songs by kids under 18. Turns out they had a lot to say. In the spirit of patriotism, on today, July 4th, we officially release:

LOCKER ROOM ROCK: a protest album by people too young to vote

LockerBigFullSqaureMusic teacher Jesse Krakow has spent over a decade working with young musicians. In 2016, many of his students were inspired to write songs about the election, the state of the USA, and the newly elected President. As the inauguration grew closer, Jesse felt compelled to make sure the voices of protest from Americans under 18 be heard. He teamed up with longtime friend, recording and mixing engineer Rich Bennett of Acme Hall Studios to create a compilation album.

The result is “Locker Room Rock”, a protest album by people too young to vote. (The name is a dig at Trump’s famous excuse for his misogynist conversation with Billy Bush — that it was “locker room talk.”)

In the album’s 10 songs, it’s clear that not only do these kids really dislike the President, but they also have a nuanced and surprisingly profound understanding about what his presidency means. They have a lot of thoughts to share on the current political climate, greed, and the way their generation is viewed by the rest of us. They are smart, they are informed, and they get it.

“Locker Room Rock” is officially released TODAY, July 4. All proceeds from sales of the album will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

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